Madonna's 'MDNA' bowed at No. 1 last week, selling 359,000 copies. But now it's about to earn Madge the biggest second week drop in chart history.

'MDNA' is the fifth album in a row to land in the top slot last week, but not without a little help. She also included a copy of the album for every person who bought tickets to her upcoming world tour, which factored into the sales tally and inflated the first week numbers. The strategy helped push the album to the No. 1 slot, but it also means she'll have the biggest second week drop in the history of the charts.

Forbes exclusively reports that once the numbers are totaled tonight (April 10) and published tomorrow (April 11), 'MDNA' will experience a drop of about 88 percent, moving only 46,000 copies this week. Ouch. A CD-ticket combo is certainly appealing to fans, but it’s not a tactic she can replicate and therefore, her stats on the chart plummet. That's an anemic number, comparatively speaking.

While this might seem like a bit of embarrassing egg on Madge's face, as opposed to the cake she smashed on manager Guy Oseary's face last week celebrating the album's lofty chart positioning, it's certainly not emblematic of her financial health or her tour's success. While 'MDNA' hasn’t generated a surefire radio single yet, the tour is selling well and fans are anxious to get out and see her on stage again. Touring is where she will make her real money, so this is by no means a setback for the Material Girl. It's just a numbers game.