Last month, we told all you devoted Madonna fans that she planned on releasing a follow-up fragrance to Truth or Dare, the perfume she released earlier this year. Well, the time has finally arrived for Truth or Dare by Madonna Naked ... and we have pics from the ad!

Madge looks like her good ol' 80's material girl self in the spot. Sporting plumped lips, wavy hair reminiscent of Marilyn Monroe, and sultry eyes, she appears nude in the ad, only rocking some jewelry on her wrists as she seductively poses with her arms behind her back.

Here's a bit more about the fragrance:

Truth or Dare by Madonna Naked is a provocative and sexy scent that reveals Madonna’s sensual inner qualities. Blending a sense of richness and flirty femininity, the fragrance is playful yet confident. A bold combination of creamy woodiness is paired with addictive vanilla nuances and sparkling florals, for a scent that is immediately captivating.

The packaging of the perfume bottle is simple -- a white and gold box with the letter 'M' on it, and a cross dragged down to the bottom point of the 'M,' creating a triangle of sorts. The bottle is pretty, as it features a gold baubled top and is outlined in clear crystals. Her bottle monogram is also imprinted in white, and it stands out nicely against the gold liquid inside.

If you're a fan and loved her first fragrance, then head on over to Macy's now, where 'Truth or Dare By Madonna Naked' will be exclusively sold.

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