We always knew Madonna was a diva, but the Material Girl really showed off her queen bee antics by using her New York City apartment as a rehearsal space. That was not very neighborly of her, as the noise annoyed those who also inhabited the dwelling.

The Associated Press reports that Madge's neighbor Karen George levied a lawsuit against her, claiming that she made a racket all hours of the day. She claimed that the entertainer would embark on dance and exercise routines for three hours at a time, bothering the neighbors with noise, stomping and wall shaking. That had to be some dancing. We're surprised that Madonna didn't just use an actual studio for her rehearsals, but then again, maybe she wanted to practice in the comforts of home? Even so, Madge was guilty of noise pollution.

Madge did attempt to "dampen" the sounds in 2009, but those efforts did little to fix the problem or appease her fellow tenants. She did argue, along with the board, that the noise never surpassed legal levels.

However, as of Nov. 30, the lawsuit was listed as settled, per court records. Madge's lawyers and the co-op board of the building refused to comment on the matter. Their only statement about the issue was that is has been resolved. It was not clear if Madonna had to pay out or if she promised not to make anymore noise, with that being good enough for her neighbors.

It's likely the latter, as Madonna built a studio in another location and would no longer utilize the space for music.