Just because she's the Queen of Pop doesn't mean Madonna is completely up to date on the genre's landscape. Case in point: While most of us can't escape One Direction, Madge claims to have never heard of them!

When asked in an interview if she liked 1D, Madonna was confused. "That's a pop group, right? Sorry." Maybe they would have been better off asking daughter Lourdes, who is more in tune to the band's demographic! When informed that the adorable U.K. natives are, you know, just one of the biggest pop acts on the planet right now, the 'MDNA' singer replied, "I haven't seen them yet, no, sorry. Slap my hand."

We don't think Madge necessarily lives under a rock -- we just think she's probably been so busy prepping for her upcoming world tour that she hasn't had time to check out the 'What Makes You Beautiful' singers. While the ticket sales have been debatable, the legend is sure to put on a great show.

One U.K. act Madge does know and love? Adele, telling press, “I would love to meet her, I think she’s brilliant, I love her.”