Madonna's show in Warsaw, Poland, slated for Aug. 1, has come under protest from a Catholic group offended by her usage of religious iconography during concerts and the fact that she would be performing on an important day in Polish history.

To appease the protestors, the powers-that-be at Live Nation have agreed to a request from city officials to open the performance with a clip about the Warsaw Uprising against Nazi occupation, which took place in 1944, according to Business Week.

The clip serves as a nod to the war veterans on the 68th anniversary of the uprising. The fact that Madge would be taking the stage on such an important and solemn day did not sit well with lots of locals. During the 63-day rebellion, up to 200,000 Polish people died and the city was destroyed. Each year, the anniversary is commemorated by the wailing of a siren and a moment of silence, along with prayer in church.

It was the idea of the local officials to air the clip to help soothe some of the ire felt by veterans and Polish people.

"It is an important moment in Polish history, so we have decided to remind people of that moment," a spokeswoman said.

Madge has quite the history with Poland, a largely Catholic country. Her 2009 show fell on Aug. 15, a day that celebrates the assumption of the Virgin Mary into heaven. Since she tends to use religious imagery in her show, she faced angry protests.

Hopefully, the pre-show clip will allay some of the tensions between Madonna and Polish Catholics and veterans.

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