Get stoked, because Madonna is ready to save pop music in 2012. The Golden Globes will be the next many appearances she'll undoubtedly make on your TV. After her interview with 'Nightline' and speaking out about the 'Born This Way' issue, she's making the Golden Globes her next stop, then going on to promote her film (which she directed!), a new album and a possible tour. Amazeballs! (We hope she includes more press stops like her hilarious stint at 'The Graham Norton Show!')

Those tuning in to the Golden Globes to see Madonna's new movie 'W.E.' clean up in the Best Original Song and Best Original Score categories will be treated to a presentation by the Queen Of Pop as well. Madge will be presenting in the Best Foreign Language Film category in Sunday's ceremony at the Beverly Hilton in Los Angeles.

If The Material Girl wins in the Best Original Song category -- for which her song 'Masterpiece' has been nominated -- it'll be her second Golden Globe statuette. She got her first as Best Actress in a Musical or Comedy for 'Evita' in 1997. It's about time M reminds us, and all the other pop stars, who's boss -- even if she isn't eligible for an Oscar this year!