While you were busy getting all the way turnt up on Saturday night (or sitting at home watching Netflix...your body, your choice), Queen Of Pop Madonna was guzzling down a bottle of wine, chowing down on pizza and answering fan questions for the weekly web series, Saturday Night Online Live With Romeo.

Granted, Madge is usually in her bathroom taking glamorous selfies and hashtagging up a storm anyway on most Saturday nights, so setting up a video camera to answer some questions probably wasn't that much of an inconvenience.

And oh, the many things we saw! From killer Drake shade to reflections on her prolific pop career, the radiant diva delivered a whole lot of L-U-V with a sense of humor about as dry as that bottle of wine.

But above all, showed us how to make tossing papers over your shoulder look genuinely #iconic.

And now, the things!

1.) She has luxurious chairs in her bathroom, complete with #RebelPillows.

This is actually the least surprising thing of all.

2.) Madonna is thirsty...in more ways than one.

This one isn't exactly new information, either: Madge is ready to mount more than just her noble steeds, which is why she's most excited to perform her Rebel Heart lesson in sexology, "S.E.X.", on the upcoming Rebel Heart Tour. And not just during the show: Before and after, too. Yes, we see what you did there, M.

3.) Her party playlists are probably nuts.

She's listening to just about everyone at the moment, including Kaytranada, Grimes (collaborate please!) and James Blake, as well as Harry Belafonte, Duke Ellington, Major Lazer, Bob Marley and Jimi Hendrix.

4.) Drake kisses like a girl, and it sounds like she wouldn't do it again.

After #DrakeGate went down — the public backlash that came from that messy on-stage kiss at Coachella, and Drake's look of disgust afterward — a pressing question remains: Is Drake a good kisser? "I kissed a girl...and I liked it," she deadpanned. Later on, she dished out some advice to her younger self that really sealed the deal: "Don't kiss Drake, no matter how many times he begs you to." Shade! But hey, it wouldn't be the first time she locked lips with a lady.

And hey, speaking of Britney...

5.) She is totally down to duet with Britney one more time.

Sorry I-G-G-Y, but there's another pretty girl in town who's totally down to do it with Brit Brit. After making out with the pop princess during their iconic 2003 MTV VMAs performance and getting in the zone together on "Me Against The Music," Madge — a longtime Britney fan — says she'd be more than happy to hit the studio with B-Girl yet again. Make it happen, Larry Rudolph!

6.) She would love to release a record of unreleased songs.

It would be one "long ass album," but Madonna's down to drop a record full of her unheard songs one day...perhaps even in installments. Let it will be!

7.) The key to relevancy is at the bottom of a glass.

What has been the one thing that's kept Madge eternally relevant? "Rosé." Glug, glug, glug! (A slice of pizza every now and then, apparently, doesn't hurt either.)

8.) Her favorite music videos to shoot were "Material Girl," Open Your Heart" and "Like A Virgin" — but "Justify My Love" might have been the most fun of all.

Madonna enjoyed making videos in the early days of her career, but she especially loved kissing the guys (and girls!) in her "awesome" visual for "Justify My Love." You know, the one that got banned by MTV. Rebel Heart from the beginning!

9.) She wanted to release "Falling Free" as a single.

Remember that sweetly sung ballad on 2012's MDNA? Madge loved it, and apparently would have released it as a single. "It's not conventional enough," she lamented. Too left-lane!

10.) She's got a motto in life.

The #UnapologeticBitch lives by a fearless mantra: "Live each day like it's your last." And if anyone knows anything about the world coming to an end, it's Madonna.

So, make sure to grab a slice from time to time. Life's too short.

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