Madonna partnered with Smirnoff Vodka to find a dancer for her 2012 world tour -- the dates of which we don't yet know, even though leaks keep happening regarding Madge's global tour itinerary. Madonna chose the winner from 11 finalists at the Roseland Ballroom in New York City Saturday night (Nov. 12) and the man who will shake his groove thang behind her on stage is none other than Lil Buck!

"The Smirnoff Nightlife Exchange Project has uncovered amazing dance talent from all over the world, but Lil' Buck was the best of all," the Material Girl said in a statement.

She watched Lil Buck and the other hopefuls perform and even danced with the contestants. She handpicked DJ Martin Soleveig to headline the event, as well. He is working with the singer on her upcoming, leak-prone album.

"This has been an incredible journey and a dream come true,” said Lil Buck, a Memphis native.

Congrats to Lil Buck for winning one of the most coveted gigs a dancer could ever hope to stumble upon. It's one thing to be hired by Madge after she sees you dance at an audition or to even be hired by her choreography team -- however, it's totally another thing to be hand-selected by Madonna in a competition. You really caught the Material Girl's eye and that is nuttin' to sneeze at. You done good and won the mother of all jobs.

Now about those tour dates... When do we get to see Lil Buck dance with you, Madge?