There is some legal trouble in Madonna's future over the launch of her debut scent, Truth or Dare.

A Sydney-based artist is suing the Material Girl, claiming she is infringing on his copyright with her perfume's "M" logo, which bears too much similarity to an image he has trademarked.

According to The Daily Telegraph in Australia, RJ Williams, who has seen his pieces hang in the Art Gallery of NSW as well as the Museum of Contemporary Art, has been using the "M" symbol in paintings and on clothing for a total of eight years. He trademarked it last year and therefore believes Madge cannot use it without properly compensating him.

"Friends from all over the world have been calling me upon seeing the Truth or Dare by Madonna campaign to express their disgust and support," Williams told the paper.

He claims he is not looking to get rich quick off Madge. Instead, "it's about my integrity as an artist," he said. "I do not think it should be able to be used by a giant cosmetics company."

Williams sent a legal note to Madge's manager Guy Oseary, requesting that the pop diva stop infringing on his copyright by using the logo in the packaging and advertising. He wants to be provided with the information about the perfume's profits so far, since he feels entitled to a cut. He also wants her to enter in a license with him moving forward for future usage of the symbol.