When Madonna talks, we listen.

The Material Girl delivered an informed, impassioned and educational speech at the Chime for Change show, held in London on June 1. CfC is an organization that works to empower girls and bring women's issues to light. Madge spoke about her passion for education, particularly that of girls. She declared that it is important to empower them so they have jobs, opportunities, know their rights and cultivate the ability to defend themselves and to take care of their health.

She wants all women to be both integral and productive members of the human race.

Madge pointed out that that those skills sound like parts of normal life for most of us, since women have enjoyed these privileges for years. But what we may take for granted does not exist for girls in other parts of the world.

She pointed out that all girls should be given the chance to learn to read and write, and that they don't always have that opportunity. She detailed the challenges and struggles, saying, "I do not accept this. And neither should you."

She next gave props to the courageous women and exceptionally brave warriors who fight against this injustice and work to teach girls what they need and deserve to know.

Madge's 10-minute speech is detailed, emotional and educational. Listen up and pay attention, and learn from the warriors who use multiple media to fight for female causes. Perhaps you can join the fight.