Madonna launched her Truth or Dare fragrance in New York City on Friday the 13th, and as usual, she provided a stimulating visual to go with what she was selling, as well as some of the Material Girl's trademark sassy sound bites.

The 'MDNA' singer looked stunning in a sheer black lace gown with blonde waves, glowing skin and a cross necklace. Despite reports of her album not selling as well as anticipated, the Queen of Pop was still in great spirits -- because she's about to be the queen of the perfume counter as well. Since other starlets who haven't been around nearly as long as Madge have already debuted numerous scents, what took the 'Gang Bang' singer so long?

"This was finally the time that I designed a fragrance that I liked the smell of," Madonna said. "I've been trying to develop a fragrance for the last 15, 16 years, and it finally came to fruition, and this is when it's finally coming out!"

When asked what kind of woman wears Truth or Dare, Madge smiled slyly. "Someone who's daring," she said. "Daring enough to tell the truth, and someone who likes gardenias."

Madonna was equally jovial when talking about the name of her scent and how it came to be. "My manager held a gun to my head," she said, struggling to keep a straight face, "and said, 'Name it this or you're not going to have a manager anymore.' I said 'Okay!'" She laughed, "I'm just kidding. It's a phrase that is related to me and my work and what I stand for, I think I've had a fairly daring career, and I'm pretty honest about my work, so I think it goes with my perfume."

We think it goes well with the commercials, too!

Watch Madonna Talk About Truth or Dare at Her Fragrance Launch