Dyeing your hair an array of unnatural colors is a rite of passage in the pop world these days. Maybe it has something to do with being an artist, and wanting to express your creativity through your hair. We don't know. The point is, neither blondes nor brunettes have more fun than the other anymore, so consider going pink like Madonna and Katy Perry did, instead.

Madonna debuted her pink ombre hair on Instagram earlier today (May 15) along with the hashtag #bitchimmadonna. It's a pretty safe choice for Madonna as reds are notorious for washing out almost immediately, but it also feels safe compared to the singer's over-the-top stunts and insane fashion moments. Anything short of welding giant knives to her skull would be considered a "safe choice" for Madonna at this point. Still: She looks good!

Katy Perry's hair, meanwhile, is a veritable color wheel of vibrancy. We could rehash every hair color she's had over the length of her career so far, but we'd just be naming every color in existence. She's had pink hair a few times over the years, but her reverse pink-to-blonde ombre is one of our favorite looks of hers — and also the closest to Madonna's own.

Check out photos of Madonna's and Katy Perry's pink hair below, and then vote for your favorite in our poll way at the bottom.

Katy's Pink Hair

Jason Merritt, Getty Images

Madonna's Pink Hair