Madonna's MDNA tour is kicking off in Israel and she shared images from the stage set up and rehearsals via her Facebook page. From what we can tell, it's dark, twisted, gothic and sexy, featuring some blood spatter, Madge brandishing a gun and religious iconography distorted in typical Madonna fashion. Just another day at the office for the Material Girl!

Madonna certainly isn't a shrinking violet as she entertains her fans well into her 50s. She's not toning down the sexiness or the controversy. If and when the MDNA tour was hitting the same markets as Lady Gaga's Born This Way Ball tour, which has been the target of religious extremists due to its content, Madge would be facing the same protests from unhappy religious sects. But she's veteran of dealing with that, as controversy and subsequent protest has followed her career. Wouldn't it be nice if Madge gave the Mother Monster advice on dealing with these issues?

The staging and production looks massive and worth the price of admission, with lots of cross-dressing dancers to flank the Material Girl and elaborate staging. Again, that's nothing new, but it still looks cool.

You can also see the stage being erected in the video below.



Watch Madonna's MDNA Tour Stage Being Built