Madonna's "Vogue" finds Madge collaborating with director David Fincher for a third time, following their success with videos for "Express Yourself" and "Oh Father," both released in 1989. And true to its name, the 1990 "Vogue" video radiates high fashion, made all the more glamorous through black and white and mixed with classic Art Deco style from the 1920s and 30s.

Throughout the video, Madonna pays homage to famous portraits of stars like Marilyn Monroe, Greta Garbo, and Jean Harlow, while her backup dancers (who later starred in her Blonde Ambition tour) serve up some high-fashion model realness as they vogue. "Vogue" also introduces us to one of Madonna's most iconic and controversial costumes ever: the Jean Paul Gaultier "cone" bra—a symbol of the kind of in-your-face sexuality for which she has since become infamous. The video has gone on to appear on multiple music outlets' lists of Best Music Videos of All Time lists—will it reach similar heights on ours as well?

The Spice Girls' video for their debut single, "Wannabe," created a bit of controversy, too. Virgin Records, the Girls' label, was concerned that Melanie Brown's (Scary Spice) nipples were visible and that Geri Halliwell's (Ginger Spice) outfits were too threatening for mainstream music channels. Yet, in the spirit of the song's message, the Girls banded together behind the original and refused to reshoot the video. "Wannabe" is meant to celebrate bonds between women and privilege those relationships over romantic, heterosexual ones. The visuals convey a sense of unbridled fun, as the Girls dance, and create some lighthearted mischief at a party that is appropriately given a bohemian theme. "Wannabe," like "Vogue," comes to our poll decorated with accolades and awards, and this head-to-head is going to be a close call!

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