Much of Madonna's recent spate of publicity has centered on the Material Girl's new film 'W.E.,' which is a period piece biopic about Wallis Simpson, an American socialite in the early 1900s who married Prince Edward, Duke of Windsor (who was also King Edward VIII) of the U.K. He abdicated his throne for her, so it was quite the romance!

Dramatic narrative and storyline aside, the film's costuming and imaging certainly reflect that period, so who better than high fashion mag W to profile the clothing and accessories that designer Arianne Phillips curated to create an authentic, time-appropriate look? Phillips work in the film is rewarded with a spread in the November issue.

The feature, titled, 'Gowns, Jewels, Glamour! On Set With Madonna' captures the rich, bold style of the dress of the period. Actress Andrea Riseborough portrays Wallis Simpson, and Phillips reveals that "Madonna and I had a ritual: We would place the jewelry on Andrea together." Wow. It must have been pretty amazing for Risenborough to be directed by Madonna, but to have her help with dressing? That's super hands on.

But Madge didn't just add accessories to one of her actresses by hand! She actually lent some of her personal baubles and such to be used in the film. Phillips said Madge was incredibly giving, admitting that "Madonna said to me from day one: 'Use me in whatever way I can help you.'" If there is anyone in a position to help the artistic and creative process, especially when it comes to fashion, it's Madonna!