Maejor Ali worked with Justin Bieber on the #MusicMondays songs that Da Biebs has released through the fall. In this exclusive interview, which took place when he visited the PopCrush compound, Ali explained that he sees The Biebs using these songs as the methods in which to address and deal with things going on in his life.

Ali also said that he thinks The Biebs will continue to do that -- use his music as a way to express how he feels about major (not "maejor!") events in his world.

Ali also spoke about his song 'Lolly,' which features The Biebs and rapper Juicy J.

He had worked with both JB and Juicy on their respective tracks, and he was working on 'Lolly' for himself. He eventually played it for both artists, to see what they thought, and thus revealed how he got them to be a part of the track. Watch the interview to find out how this amazing dual participation went down!

Ali also backed up his recent statement that Justin Bieber will be bigger than Michael Jackson. He explained why he said that and why he thinks that scenario will still be the case.