Magic! commandeered radio waves with their breakout hit 'Rude,' successfully making it one of the songs of the summer in 2014. The track is unstoppable -- an element the band touches on in the latest edition of Walmart’s ‘Soundcheck’ concert series.

Magic! kick off their set with the ultra-catchy 'Rude.' Fans of the track will love this live version, which highlights all of the best aspects of the song. Nasri Atweh's vocals sound incredible, and the instruments capture the vibe of a jam session. In short, we love it.

"I think the story that Nasri wrote on that song is sort of a unique perspective to sort of address someone's dad," band member Mark Pellizzer tells Walmart. "It's kind of both traditionalist and someone who doesn't take 'no' for an answer too because he's going to do it anyway ... I heard the accessibility and the potential for that to translate to people on a wide scale."

Next, the band takes things down a notch with 'Let Your Hair Down.' The reggae-infused ballad is departure from the fun, cheeky nature of 'Rude,' and it shows an entirely different side of Magic!

"To me you are more than just skin and bones / You are elegance and freedom and everything I know," Nasri sings, guaranteeing that every woman listening will get a little weak in the knees. This is definitely a slow jam, but one that we'll have on repeat.

We love the live elements enhancing the performances of 'Rude' and 'Let Your Hair Down,' but Magic! have even more in store for fans. In a candid interview, you can watch the band share their thoughts on 'Rude' -- including what they think of fan parodies. Be sure to head over here to watch their full performance as part of Walmart’s ‘Soundcheck’ concert series.

Watch Magic! Discuss 'Rude' Parodies