Justin Bieber is the latest celeb to be asked to a formal event. Instead of a military affair, The Biebs was invited a prom, which is a very big deal in a high schooler's universe. Since the Biebs is 17, a prom is right in his wheelhouse.

Sixteen-year old New Jerseyan Leon Purvis claimed that he is not gay, just a really big fan of the Biebs who fears the girl he wants to go with will say no, so he wants Bieber to attend with him on a bromance level. It would be a nice escape for the Biebs. The teen even says he is inviting the singer "not as a date, but as my brother." He even said that Bieber's girlfriend Selena Gomez can come, too.

The teen said, "I would like it if he would come to my prom with me. He has millions of girls follow him and obsess over him, and he doesn't get away from that. It's a change of pace to hang out with guy fans." Male Biebs fans are certainly in the minority.

Whatta ya say, Biebs?

Watch New Jersey Teen Leon Purvis Ask Justin Bieber to the Prom