Whether she's inherently good or deeply evil, this much about Maleficent is true: the horned fairy queen has the power to draw crowds.

Based on the success of 2014's Maleficent, which earned nearly $760 million worldwide, Disney is moving toward a sequel, Deadline reported yesterday (June 15). The announcement comes on the heels of news that live-action versions of the story of Tinker Bell and the (terrifying) "Bald Mountain" segment from Fantasia are both in production.

The site says Linda Woolverton, who wrote the screenplays for the Oscar-winning Beauty and the Beast and The Lion King, will pen the piece, and that Angelina Jolie will have last say on the final work.

Maleficent paints an alternate picture of the Sleeping Beauty villain, insisting that she had her reasons for wanting to send the young princess Aurora into a deep sleep, and noting that she sincerely tried to stop the curse she'd cast when she realized how much she cared for the girl. At the end of the first film—and after a whole lot of deserved redemption—Maleficent earned back the wings she'd lost years earlier to King Stefan, her first love and the man who ultimately (and viciously) betrayed her. She proceeded to unite the fairy and human worlds and vowed to protect them.

Did you see the first Maleficent, and would you be interested in a follow-up flick? Share your thoughts on a potential sequel in the comments!

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