Remember Mark Morrison's 1996 explosive R&B hit 'Return of the Mack'? Of course you do, and 15 years later we're well overdue for a second coming. Mann to the rescue! This 19-year-old rapper is ready to get his mack on and bring back 'The Mack' with the help of IYAZ and Snoop Dogg.

Don't be fooled, though -- this kid is no copy-cat. He may have quite literally been a child when the song first made waves in the mid-'90s, but in his version, 'The Mack,' he sings his innovative new lyrics along to the original track.

"Here come the brand new new in your ear / This feel like the nominated Song of the Year," Mann spits in the opening line, adding that he's "first class flying" and wants us all to "tell a friend, the mack is back."

Like a breeze in the night, in walks every pot smoker's favorite rapper, Snoop Dogg, and the vocal stylings of IYAZ to make Mann's song as smooth as a diamond in the rough.

Mann's name may be as fresh as the words he's churning, but he's found shelter under the wing of J.R. Rotem and Beluga Heights Records, who have helped surface hits for Nicki Minaj and Sean Kingston. It's inevitable that this confident new rap face will find his path before he's legally able to drink.

Not to mention, when you bring back something this great, you're destined for star-status -- PopCrush's 5 star status, that is.

Mann is currently working on his debut album, 'Mann's World,' estimated for later this year.

Listen to Mann, 'The Mack' Feat. IYAZ, Snoop Dogg