Mann's video for 'The Mack' features a slew of hotties as well as his homies (namely IYAZ and Snoop Dogg) as they sneak into a palatial estate and live the life, if only for a sunny afternoon. We love how the vid opens with four security camera angles.

Then, we watch Mann as he brings back 'The Mack' raps and sings while walking around the neatly manicured landscape of what looks like a Beverly Hills mansion.

Scores of hot ladies in skimpy bathing suits pour into the backyard and it turns into a pool party on the quick, complete with beach balls. Sign us up. We wanna live this life and this video certainly makes for a poolside escape from the keyboard and monitor.

The venerable king of hip-hop -- that'd be Snoop Dogg -- appears for a hot second, cloaked in a robe while perched on the well-architectured balcony. One side of his hair puffed out; the other is pulled taut.

He then resurfaces a moment later to join the party in his signature track suit and tosses off a rap, all the while getting a back rub from a pretty young thing. Yep, this is the life we want to lead. 'Mack' has to be Snoop's billionth feature, but where there's Snoop, there's usually a hit, too. He certainly adds his signature lazy drawl to Mann's funkdafied, smooth raps.

Watch the Video for 'The Mack' By Mann