Marc Anthony celebrated his 43rd birthday onstage on Friday night. The singer, who has had a roller coaster summer that saw his marriage to Jennifer Lopez implode amid speculation of cheating on his part, was a little overcome by emotion and broke into tears at the sold out show, which took place at Miami's American Airlines Arena.

What caused Anthony to spill over and cry? His fans engaged in a rousing rendition of 'Happy Birthday.' It was enough to move the man to tears.

At least Anthony had the support of several thousand of his closest fans during the overly emotional moment! According to People, Anthony dropped to his knees and welled up with his tears. Remember how many times his soon-to-be-ex-wife turned on the water works last season as an 'American Idol' judge?

Anthony, who can no longer be referred to as "Mr. J Lo," performed mostly in Spanish. When he bantered before singing his song, 'Until I Met You' ('Hasta Que Te Conoci'), he called it "complicated," making fans think he was referencing the incredibly public breakup of his marriage. Anthony took a moment to thank the audience for "all your love and support, especially this year; it means a lot to me." Aww.

After the show, Anthony's teenage daughter Ariana -- her mom is ex-GF Debbie Rosado -- brought a three-tier, black and white cake out for her dad, who was once again serenaded by his adoring audience. Clearly, Marc Anthony can do no wrong in his fans' eyes.

Anthony followed the show with a midnight birthday bash, enjoying a Kohl's-sponsored private party at Club 50 inside Miami's Viceroy Hotel. It was attended by about 150 of his pals, and Anthony turned up for his party without a date; it's a little too soon to date, so we can't blame him for going solo. "I feel like I am home," he told his guests, once again displaying his emotions. "Thanks for showing up. It's mind-boggling."

Let's hope J. Lo sent him a birthday text.