Marc Anthony isn't sitting back, pining over his ex-wife Jennifer Lopez. The singer (and father of her twins, Emme and Max) is fully focused on work.

He has reunited with producer Sergio George and is recording his next record! He'll be revisiting a formula that served him well -- it'll be a salsa record with brand new tracks, and George hopes that Anthony can reinvent the beloved genre with his efforts.

"We're doing a salsa album with brand new songs," George told Billboard. The impetus for Anthony returning to the salsa genre was his appearance the Curacao North Sea Jazz Festival in August, where he sang as part of George's All Star Salsa Friends. That got the ball rolling, so to speak.

George pointed out that while the salsa sound is "loved" and "very hot," there aren't "good new salsa interpreters." He suggested that Anthony's latest foray into the genre could be the one that re-interprets it and gives it new life.

"There might be a couple of surprises on this album that people won't expect from him," George said. "This is totally new."

They are recording in Miami, with musicians from salsa capitals Puerto Rico and New York being flown in to participate. A new single could be available as early as the beginning of 2013.

Anthony and George worked together previously on Anthony's 'Todo a su Tiempo,' which was a gold-selling effort. They also teamed up for the singer's salsa debut, 1993's 'Otra Nota.' Marc's most recent studio release was a covers album that came out in 2010 in the form of 'Iconos,' where he sang his renditions of classic Latin love ballads.

Are you excited about Marc Anthony dipping his toes back into the salsa pool?

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