German mashup producer Marc Johnce mixes together Christina Aguilera, Kat Graham, Beyonce, Madonna, Katy Perry and Dev in a track called 'I Want All Girls (Who Run the World.)'

The Swiss-born Graham and the Cataracs protege Dev aren't as well-known as the other superstar divas, but their songs fit in nicely. In fact, Graham's 'I Want It All' provides the foundation for the mashup.

The track begins with the Hex Hector Mac Quayle Remix of Aguilera's 'You Lost Me, which morphs into the rap verse from Graham's 'I Want It All.' Next comes a portion of Madonna's 'Get Together.'

That leads into Graham's soaring vocals, which alternate with Beyonce's line, "Who run the world? Girls / Who run the world?" to form a dynamic chorus. A portion of 'Bass Down Low' by Dev and the Cataracs changes the pace, before the chorus comes back at the end. The track also features Katy Perry's 'Pearl,' but that section is missing from the video edit.

Johnce has been recording mashups since 2008, and the seamless edits show that he clearly knows what he's doing. Danceable and fun, the 'I Want All Girls (Who Run the World)' mashup sounds like a winner.

Johnce has made the track available for download on his website.

Watch the Marc Johnce's Mashup Video for 'I Want All Girls (Who Run the World)'