If you've been watching this season of 'X Factor,' know one thing: Marcus Canty is a star. Simon Cowell said so himself. But we hope he doesn't get a big head, because Mr. Cowell also said he needed a lot of work.

The soul brothers and sisters of the first group on tonight's episode of 'X Factor' won the song lottery when they were chosen to perform Marvin Gaye's 'What's Going On.'

The group kicked off their rendition of Gaye's 1971 smash hit with pint-sized soulstress Ma’at Bingham Shango at the reins. Though very cute, Shango left much to be desired -- but we believe there are great things in store for her as her voice develops. Next up was Gina Rene, sister of audition-round standout Chris Rene. She delivered a decent performance, but as the judges told her in her audition, she had to believe in her performance herself. Lady Rene was followed by Matthew Johnson, who adeptly hit a wonderful high note, and Brennin Hunt, who put a Jason Mraz-like spin on the song.

And then the star took the stage: Marcus Canty. This Maryland native put the others in his group to shame and the judges took notice. And so did we -- Canty is a great showman.

Then came crowd favorite Chris Rene, and while he has great stage presence, his vocals seemed to be lacking a tad. But worry not, because he and his sister have advanced to the next round along with Marcus Canty!

Last up was the guy group Equality, who harmonized this classic to a tee. And finally, the group finished up their rendition with a pitch-perfect Motown-esque dance at the edge of the stage.

From the judge's comments, we know they liked Canty. Cowell also remarked, "This girl absolutely lost it." And while they didn't reveal who Simon was talking about, we have to assume it was Ma’at Bingham Shango, since Gina Rene was shown making it through to the next round.

Watch the 'X Factor' Performance of 'What's Going On'