Mariah Carey lent her enormous acting talent to a commercial for the video game app Game of War: Fire Age, and her two-second cameo is the greatest thing you’ll see all day.

The trailer is so absurd that Mariah’s random appearance is probably the least weird thing about it: Two medieval-era soldiers in the midst of a giant battle request constant backup with the help of an app, because they have phones and can do that in the middle of an expansive field where service would likely be spotty at best. Mariah's "Hero" plays full-force after each cry for help, until eventually Warrior-Mariah herself arrives, successfully killing a winged creature with a fiery arrow. She says, "Time to be heroes, guys," and then sprints off-screen awkwardly, heading straight into battle.

According to TMZ, the “#Beautiful” singer signed a seven-figure deal with the company after they decided to replace former face of the franchise, Kate Upton, with Mariah. TMZ goes on to report that one of Mariah’s main draws was her music — a single phrase from her massive hit “Hero” ("and then a hero comes along") plays on repeat in the ad three separate times.

And if you’re wondering how a gaming app could possibly afford an iconic like Mariah Carey, just know that, according to GameSpotGame of War was generating an estimated $1 million in daily revenue as of April 2015.

Check out Mariah's commercial for Game of War: Fire Age above.

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