Mad drama behind this drag, yo! Mariah Carey actually recorded her song 'Obsessed' as a semi-diss track towards rapper Eminem, and she dresses up as a thugged-out Mimi stalker in the accompanying video.

For a while, Eminem claimed he and Carey had dated, calling out Mariah's now-husband Nick Cannon on the leaked track 'Bagpipes from Baghdad.' However, Carey vehemently denied these rumors, and subsequently released 'Obsessed' as a response. It was said her male character in 'Obsessed' but supposed to represent Eminem, even though Carey didn't resemble the rapper in the slightest with her nasty goatee and thick brown eyebrows.

Although the video didn't really dish out the Em digs as directly, the song itself gets her message across: "I'm up in the A, you're so so lame / And no one here, even mentions your name / It must be the weed, it must be the E / Cause you be poppin' hood, you get it poppin'." Dang, Mariah! Tell 'em why you mad.

Watch the Mariah Carey 'Obsessed' Video