Mariah Carey sang through a case of bronchitis at the Billboard Music Awards last night (May 17), and now she's given her Lambs a thank-you for their support: A preview of the upcoming "Infinity" video.

The clip finds Mimi relaxing with a bottle of champagne in her dressing room. Perched on a fainting couch, she's surrounded by hyper-femme accoutrements that would make Miss Piggy proud: Silk robes, sequined fabrics and shoes, shoes, shoes. Mariah gets playful while she belts the #1 to Infinity single, tossing around her mules, her diamond necklace and a chunk of champagne-bucket ice. Then she gets her hair and makeup done, and it's the "Shake It Off"-type of Mariah we love: Going through it but looking great, and remaining devoted to self-care.

When Mariah released "Infinity" in March, many fans assumed the song was about her estranged husband Nick Cannon — but she insisted that wasn't the case. Quoth the Elusive Chanteuse: “Honestly, it’s about loving yourself first. ’Infinity’ is like love equals you first." She continued, “There’s a section of the song where it’s like a chant – ‘You’re leaving, you’re leaving, you’re out the door infinity loving me more and more’ – meaning you have to love yourself first, it can’t be all about somebody else’s thing or their issues, it has to be you and then you can deal with the rest of the things in your life. Yeah, we had fun with the lyrics … but I do that with a lot of songs.”

You can buy #1 to Infinity now, and check out the video teaser above.

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