Mariah Carey shared photos from the set of the video for 'When Christmas Comes,' her smokin' hot duet with John Legend. Carey and Legend filmed the vid in Southern California and while the climate is not exactly festive in that region, it didn't stop Carey and Legend from making beautiful music together. The song is a remake of Carey's song that appeared on last year's 'Merry Christmas II You.'

Carey posted the photos of the fun and festive shoot on her website. There's a glam candid of Carey and Legend behind the piano that demonstrates their creative and collaborative chemistry, with the snow-kissed windows behind them.

The shot of Carey lying down in a that body-skimming red dress, showing off her newly svelte body, since she dropped 70s lbs. after delivering Dem Babies, will melt the icicles off the heart of Ebenezer Scrooge. Roc and Roe have a hot mama, that's for sure. Carey looks the best she has in years; motherhood and Jenny Craig ambassadorship agree with her.

Last week she  teased the collab with a video that included some audio. We've got the whole thing below for you to enjoy.

It's holiday-spiced R&B jam, where Carey's and Legend's voices bounce off one another as they sing about special treasures and unwrapping love. Romance is in the pine-scented air.

Listen to Mariah Carey + John Legend 'When Christmas Comes'