Man's predilection for being as corny as Fritos (GIVE ME "INFINITY" OR GIVE ME DEATH) is suddenly the least of Mariah Carey's concerns: The Elusive Chanteuse claims she's been robbed!

Though Mimi has much to celebrate — her "Mariah #1 To Infinity" Las Vegas residency is wowing crowds — she told the Los Angeles Times in an interview published on May 14 that another act straight-up stole an entire concept she's been dreaming up. And as she moves forward with new music, she says she's learned a pretty unfortunate lesson: Trust no one.

"...The last thing I’m going to do is give away more intellectual property," she told the Times. "I’ve literally been robbed. I had an idea for something and someone took the exact same thing, and that was a little unnerving."

So whose sticky fingers [allegedly] stole the cookies from the cookie jar...?

"I can’t tell you because it's too big a scandal," she added. "The person literally lifted the entire concept, and the title, and the visuals. I just couldn’t believe. But it's OK, it wasn’t meant to be, obviously."

"Can't Take That Away"? Evidently, they can. So not #Beautiful.

For now, though, Carey isn't sweating the small stuff, and said the state of MC² can be reduced to a single word:

"Happiness," she concluded. "Yeah, it’s very hard to come by. There are other aspects to it. It’s the first thing that popped into my head. Is that too corny?"