Mariah Carey seemingly wanted to pull a Beyonce with her new album -- and she's practically done it. In one revealing trailer, she has revealed the title of her 14th (!) studio album, the release date, the track list and the cover art. Whoa. 

In a video trailer teasing the new record, the iconic singer explains the meaning behind the album title -- which is 'Me. I am Mariah… The Elusive Chanteuse' -- in that soothing and melodic voice of hers.

"On the back cover of this album is a personal treasure," she opens the video, revealing a drawing she did of herself as a child. "This is my first and only self-portrait. I drew it when I was three and a half and I titled it 'Me. I am Mariah.'"

"Please don't judge me for such simplistic title, come on, I was three and a half," she laughs about the self-portrait, which depicts her as a happy blonde in a dress, surrounded by a star and a heart. "It was a creative visualization of how I saw myself with the purity of a child's heart, before it was ever broken."

"I've kept this in private for so long, but because this album is a reflection of some of the peaks and valleys that have made me who I am today, I've decided to share it with those of you who actually care and have been here for me through it all," she revealed about her decision to include the nostalgic picture.

"Along the way, there have been a couple nicknames and I've inadvertantly embodied many personas," she said. "Lately, they've been calling me the Elusive Chateuse."

While we don't exactly know who "they" refers to, we're kind of obsessed with the nickname. And we love the idea behind the album's title: Mariah Carey is combining how she viewed herself at drastically different times in her life, and fusing them into one.

'Me. I am Mariah… The Elusive Chateuse' is set to drop on May 27. Watch Mariah Carey explain the meaning behind her album title above, and check out the cover art and track list (with some pretty big-name collaborations) below:

1. Cry
2. Faded
3. Dedicated (feat. Nas)
4. #Beautiful (feat. Miguel)
5. Thirsty
6. Make It Look Good
7. You're Mine (Eternal)
8. You Don't Know What to Do (feat. Wale)
9. Supernatural (with special guest stars Monroe and Moroccan)
10. Meteorite
11. Camouflage
12. Money ($ * / … ) feat. Fabolous
13. One More Try
14. Heavenly (No Ways Tired/Can't Give Up Now)

Deluxe Edition:

It's a Wrap (feat. Mary J. Blige)
Betcha Gon' Know (feat. R. Kelly)
The Art of Letting Go

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