Mariah Carey's schedule is way too full to accept a gig as a judge on Simon Cowell's 'X Factor.' With twins due soon and and new album in the works, the pop diva has, well, no time for a judge gig.

Essence exclusively reports that Cowell did approach Carey and offered her a job on the new talent competition that he is launching on FOX this Fall, but the singer could not accept another commitment and politely declined. Rumors started circulating weeks ago that Simon was considering Carey, as well as George Michael and former 'American Idol' co-worker Paula Abdul. No word yet on the other two.

Carey's history as one of the most successful female singers of her generation and her meteoritic rise to fame make her more than well-qualified for the job. But alas, motherhood beckons! She is expecting a boy and a girl in late April/early May and is going to have her well-manicured hands very full over the next few months.

In related 'X Factor' news, producer Antonio "LA" Reid has accepted a post as a judge on the show and left his job as the chairman of Island Def Jam (which is Carey's label) to do it.

Earlier this week, speculation arose that 'Gossip Girl' rocker Taylor Momsen was being courted as a co-host for the show. 'X Factor' is obviously a work in progress and we're looking forward to seeing the show's crucial slots filled in the coming weeks. It's almost as exciting as the competition itself.