Mommy-to-be Mariah Carey is all ready for the arrival of her babies! The singer recently let Life & Style magazine enter her home to check out her twins' adorable and uber-classy nursery. Carey and her husband, Nick Cannon, are expecting their baby boy and girl any day now, and their fully-stocked and cozy nursery shows just how eager the couple is to start being parents.

For the color scheme, Carey and Cannon -- we are thinking more Carey, however, since her aesthetic is clearly present -- blended both masculine and feminine colors. The base color is a creamy off-white, with accents of green and pink throughout the stylish nursery. In true Mimi fashion, Carey adorned the nursery with ornate details, like plush curtains, a mini-chandelier, and lots of fresh flowers.

Carey also took the time to pose for some photos in the nursery. The singer looks like she is about-to-pop as she relaxes in a chair, wearing a red dress with pearls draped around her neck. She is all smiles as she holds one of her twins' cuddly sheep toys and places her hands on her belly. Also, notice the picture on the dresser in the background? Could that be a young Nick Cannon posing in that pink suit? How cute!

Carey and Cannon have truly blissful during these months of pregnancy. The singer and her husband recently posed for some nude photos together, and few weeks ago, Carey tweeted a picture of her gigantic baby "bump." The singer is expecting any day now, and was even hospitalized for contractions in late March.