Mariah Carey has been treating fans to her latest single, “Infinity," in recent weeks, and yesterday (May 18) she shared a teaser for the song’s upcoming music video, which is slated to premiere later this week. She’s just debuted a second clip, and while it’s every bit as glamorous as the first, it shows off more of Carey’s silly side. Check it out in the video above.

In the super-brief teaser, Carey opens the door to a varied group of suitors attempting to win her affections by showing off their buff physiques, showering her with puppies and bestowing her with champagne (the former two characters are portrayed by model Tyson Beckford and Empire actor Jussie Smollett). Carey takes the adorable pup, but she shuts the door on all of ‘em. Way to go, Mimi! We would pick the puppy, too.

The second teaser is a perfect visual representation of the message behind Carey’s new song. “Honestly, it’s about loving yourself first,” she explained. “‘Infinity’ is like love equals you first.”

“There’s a section of the song where it’s like a chant -- ‘You’re leaving, you’re leaving, you’re out the door infinity loving me more and more’ -- meaning you have to love yourself first, it can’t be all about somebody else’s thing or their issues, it has to be you and then you can deal with the rest of the things in your life,” she continued. “Yeah, we had fun with the lyrics… but I do that with a lot of songs.”

Carey recently performed “Infinity” at last weekend’s Billboard Music Awards -- her first performance at the award show in nearly 20 years -- despite suffering from bronchitis.

Mariah Carey Kicks Off '#1 To Infinity' Show