Mariah Carey has made a career with her impressive range, but now a new video shows just how expansive the pop star's vocal abilities are.

In the 77-second YouTube clip, the singer's various tunes are spliced together in short snippets, while the notes are displayed on the screen. At the end, the video claims that Carey's range includes five octaves, two notes and two semitones, adding, "That’s over 65 keys!!!!”

Super fans of the mother-of-two will be able to single out the songs from which the snippets were taken, but since the video is just over one minute long, so you'll have to listen intently. We believe 'Emotions,' 'O Holy Night' and 'Forever' made the cut, among many others.

Carey's five-octave range has been celebrated since she arrived on the scene with her self-titled debut in 1990. The album featured her hit 'Someday' in which she famously hits a super high note. Since then, the 41-year-old has released 13 albums and won five Grammys.

Carey's last album was 2010's 'Merry Christmas II You.' She appears on Tony Bennett's recently-released 'Duets II' album, performing 'When Do the Bells Ring for Me' with the classic crooner.

Listen to Mariah Carey Sing Five Octaves in One Minute