At 43, Mariah Carey still has it. And we're not talking about that mellifluous and honeyed voice of hers, either. We're talking about the singer's bodacious body.

Mimi shared the cover art for her new single and the title track to her 14th album 'The Art of Letting Go' and the mom of Dem Babies flashes some major sideboob and looks amazeballs, kneeling on the sand near a body of water.

The sun is setting behind her, so she is backlit in her knit bathing suit, with her hair a mess of sexy, beachy waves. She pretty much glows.

It's Mariah in paradise, showing off her curvy, hourglass figure.

Mimi shared the image on Facebook, posting, "14 days to go!!!" The single will drop via Facebook on Nov. 11.

Are you ready, lambs and PopCrushers? Can you even handle how hawt Mimi looks on this cover? She's in fine form. Oh, and we're excited about the song, too. The track was almost an afterthought, since we were so enamored by Miss Carey and her body in this photo.