New mom Mariah Carey has her hands full twin infants, but the singer is also readying for triplets!

No, she's not preggers again; she is just issuing a trio of remixes, but not of her biggest hits, either. Rather, the diva is gearing up to release a set of three remixed perfumes, called Lollipop Splash the Remix.

The three new scents land on retail shelves in July and are meant to show off Carey's playful side. Carey personally selected the notes for the scents, so the auras bring the singer that much closer to her fans.

The candied fragrances will be a "must own" for those with a sweet sense. They named after some of Carey's biggest hit songs. 'Inseparable' is a fruity floral with notes of raspberry, mango, jasmine and orange flowers, while 'Never Forget You' fuses yummy notes of gourmet jelly beans with the lushness of golden peony.

Lastly, 'Vision of Love' is touched by notes of French macaroon and purple jasmine. Mmmm. Our noses tingle thinking of how pretty these perfumes will smell.

Perfumer Marypierre Julien revealed, in a statement, that "to create Mariah Carey’s Lollipop Splash the Remix, we worked with Mariah and used her music as an inspiration to craft scents that are like floral melodies." We bet the scents are as infectious as a Mariah Carey melody.

Watch the Mariah Carey 'Vision of Love' Video