The 'American Idol' judges panel has been officially revealed, and there are two massive pop divas who are taking the places of J. Lo and Steven Tyler. Along with country star Keith Urban and longtime 'Idol' critic Randy Jackson, it was recently announced that Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj would be filling the remaining two seats. So, which of these divas are you more excited to see in action once the show airs?

It seems as if signing onto reality singing competitions is the latest trend in pop culture! Following in the trail blazed by Christina Aguilera, and the same path that Britney Spears and Demi Lovato later followed, Mariah and Nicki will be the dose of pop diva we need on our next season of 'Idol.'

Despite the fact that they're both massive, global superstars, these songstresses have very differing personalities (which seem to already be clashing) and musical styles... all the better for a more interesting judging panel! Mariah Carey, who is known for her inimitable, glass-shattering vocals, has always been a little kooky in her own fun, amusing way. Although she does seem very kind and sincere, being the mama to dem babies and just having a sweet demeanor in general, we could also totally see Mariah going a little HBIC on the show, much to Nicki's chagrin.

You see, Nicki Minaj has one of the hugest, most in-your-face personalities in pop music right now. From her eccentric, bright costumes to her controversial rhymes, Minaj is all about stirring up the pot -- and this could be a recipe for some major cat fights since both she and Mariah will undoubtedly be vying for the spotlight, as any diva making her TV debut would (we're looking at you, Christina). But it will also be interesting to have a rapper for the first time on any judging panel, since hip-hop is such a huge influence nowadays on all different aspects of music.

So, who are you more excited to see on 'American Idol' when it premieres in Jan. 2013? Mariah or Nicki? Cat your vote (once per hour) below!

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