Mariah Carey appeared on HSN on Sunday night to sell a plethora of items from her fashion and accessories collection, but it was her tangential sale pitches, not her products, that had people talking.

During the two-hour sale, Carey referenced giving birth to twins Moroccan and Monroe over and over, amidst weak efforts to promote her line and offer reasons to buy her hoop earrings, handbags, perfume and sportswear.

"... Because my body went through so much holding those twins in; you have to keep them in as long as possible because it's a sacrifice that you make for them, and so literally I was like 47 weeks pregnant," she said. "... And anybody pregnant right now, there's push gifts here. Tell your baby father."

Oh, but that's not all. The pop singer talked candidly about her "uncomfortable" pregnancy, ordered the camera crew and models around and, despite the host's attempts at wrangling her in, diverged at every possible opportunity.

Thanks to Gawker, viewers don't have to relive the 120-minute debacle, which also featured a cameo by hubby Nick Cannon. The site has edited the choice moments of the appearance into a four-minute clip that is not to be missed.

Watch Highlights From Mariah Carey's Appearance on HSN