It's time for yet another life lesson, courtesy of an Imperfect Angel and the ever-trolling Internet: Don't believe everything you see.

Over the weekend, a video quickly went viral across Twitter and Facebook (and all the other digital playgrounds) of the Queen of Festivity herself, Mariah Carey, seemingly being forced to awkwardly watch a clip of famed foe — at least, if you follow along with stan lore — Ariana Grande performing Mariah's 14 million-selling (and counting!) 1994 festive holiday classic, "All I Want For Christmas Is You."

Except, here's the thing: That video is not real. And a whole lot of people still think it is.

Granted, it looks pretty legit. But no! That clip is simply the subtle work of one shady Arianator...or maybe a member of the Lambily with a wicked sense of humor.

In the actual video, pulled from an appearance on Good Morning America last week to promote her new All I Want For Christmas children's book, as well as upcoming Hallmark Channel soon-to-be Christmas classic for the ages, A Christmas Melody, Mimi is forced to watch her own performance of debut single "Vision Of Love" from Good Morning America back in 1990.

That pained look? It had nothing to do with being forced to "Focus" on a certain up-and-coming mumble-mouthed singer that fields frequent comparisons to the industry veteran. Sorry, diva feud lovers!

As for when she has been asked about those Ariana comparisons in the past? Well...this retro moment of gypsy whatever is all real.

So, what have we learned today? Mimi sounded great during her 1990 GMA performance, and the general public can be easily misled into believing something as fact with one slightly doctored video, which — although this one is just a silly stan joke — is actually completely terrifying when you think about it.

Merry Christmas, and a Happy Holiday. Stay festive!

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