Paws up! Shock rocker Marilyn Manson has taken some verbal shots at Lady Gaga. But chill out, little monsters. No need to wage a full scale digital war against the Antichrist Superstar in attempt to take him out for daring to speak critically about Ma Monster. His comments were more like backhanded compliments.

While he doesn't like her music – preferring the tunes of Kylie Minogue and Justin Timberlake to Gaga's pop gems -- he appreciates how she's ascended to the top of the pop food chain, even if he doesn't like her chameleon style.

"I have a hard time liking her music. It's not my style of music that I like, and I like a lot of music that is in that vein," the singer admitted in a chat with Digital Spy. "I like Kylie Minogue sometimes -- I like a lot of unusual stuff…I like Justin Timberlake over Lady Gaga, just musically."

He followed that critique by saying, "I get the whole idea of what she's doing and I appreciate that. I don't think it's a bad thing, I think it's a good thing. At the same time, I don't try to have a different look every single moment because I think it's more ephemeral, it becomes less permanent. People like to identify with one single thing."

Okay, so he's not feeling the meat dress one day and the blue hair the next, and the dominatrix ensembles the next? Perhaps?

Manson was quick to qualify his statements (or backpedal) saying, "I'm not one to knock her, she's obviously succeeded in what she's doing. It's not exactly the type of thing that I find myself listening to, but that doesn't mean I don't like her."

Sounds like a bit of sour grapes to us. Manson's career is on the down turn while Gaga's star is rising and is hotter than ever, so perhaps the once massive shock rocker felt the need to take the Mother Monster down a peg to elevate himself? Manson reportedly tried to get involved on some remixes of 'The Fame' at one point, so maybe he's bitter?

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