Sexy is a state of mind and for tonight's episode of 'The Glee Project,' the contestants were tasked with acting out their sexuality -- with acting being the operative word -- and about testing limits of their in-front-of-the-camera skills. This week, the final six were mentored by Mark Salling and Ashley Fink of 'Glee,' who play Puck and Lauren on the show, respectively.

The homework assignment was to bring sexy back by singing 'Like a Virgin' by Madonna. Fink let the kids know that being passionate with someone you may or may not be passionate about in real life is difficult, so this is where acting skills are absolutely crucial in getting the point across. She and Salling also pointed out that high school is where you start figuring out your sexuality and your passions, which made this homework assignment that much more poignant.

After everyone sang, Fink told the hopefuls that she was impressed with the way they tackled the harmonies and how they belted the song out. She said they were all winners to her. How diplomatic and PopCrush of her.

However, Fink did admit that she was most "turned on" by Samuel, who had sexual chemistry with the boys and the girls! He was equal opportunity sexy.

Salling said that for him, it was Hannah who was "owning" it, saying, "That's what makes you special and I spent the most time watching you." Alex, who is gay, was described as a slightly more fabulous Cee Lo, which we can agree with.

Despite digging all six of the contestants and their ability to demonstrate teenage sexuality, Salling and Fink conferred and ultimately chose Samuel. Since 'Glee' is about the singing and dancing as much as it is about the actual acting, there was no way Samuel couldn't win this homework assignment tonight with his sexified performance.

Watch Mark and Ashley Mentor on 'The Glee Project'