Maroon 5 pretend to be action stars in a new promo for 'Saturday Night Live' featuring host Jeremy Renner and cast member Fred Armisen. Renner hosts this weekend's episode, while M5 take the stage as the musical guest.

In the first scene in the promo, Armisen tells Renner, star of 'The Bourne Legacy' and 'The Avengers,' that since he appears in action films, everyone should strike an action pose. While Renner, Adam Levine and the rest of M5 clench their fists, ready to fight, Armisen strikes a model pose and sports a huge grin. "Who are you?," Renner asks. Armisen replies, "Captain Pin-Up!"

The other two scenes feature Armisen inviting the band over to his house for Thanksgiving — the catch is, they have to do all the cooking — and making Levine uncomfortable by repeatedly referencing 'The Voice' in front of his bandmates. Hopefully the show will be  funnier than the promos, because these are actually kinda lame.

What's not lame is Maroon 5's success with 'Overexposed,' which has yielded the No. 2 hit 'Payphone' and the current smash 'One More Night,' which has been at No. 1 for nine weeks now.

We're betting the band will perform its new single 'Daylight' on the show, given that Levine called it his favorite song on the album. We also wonder if there are any plans for a 'Voice' sketch in which Levine might appear. Find out Saturday night at 11:30 pm ET on NBC.