Maroon 5 hit the stage of 'The Late Show With David Letterman' on Tuesday night (June 26), the same day their latest platter 'Overexposed' dropped. They performed their smash single 'Payphone' while bathed in alternating blue and yellow lights. There's no better promotional effort for a new album than appearing on a late night talk show -- and the band made the most of it.


The heavily tatted and faux hawked Adam Levine cut a dashing figure in a back tee and jeans. Since that's what he always does, right? When doesn't he look fabulous? He was super serious, too, barely cracking a smile.

It was a solid performance of a catchy song that we find ourselves singing along to every time it comes on the radio, which, mind you, is a lot. One thing we learned? Levine ain't faking that falsetto, yo. It's not a product of studio trickery and knob twiddling. He can hit those notes live.

We also can't help but wonder if Levine's bandmates think he is overexposed with his upcoming fragrance, scripted and reality TV roles and the tabloid fascination with his model-filled love life.

We'd like to have seen Levine banter with Letterman. That would've been fun. But we'll take the performance.

Watch Maroon 5 Perform 'Payphone' on 'David Letterman'