Maroon 5 are a perfect fit for 'Saturday Night Live.' The band is so technically skilled and their songs are catchy enough to appeal to the wide and diverse audiences to which the show appeals. Another bonus? Frontman Adam Levine is not only on fellow NBC juggernaut 'The Voice,' but he also lends great comic timing to his cameos in the show's sketches. It makes for not only a great show, but also an ideal cross-promotional tool.

Despite their maroon moniker, the band actually wore matching bright red outfits (the same shade as Adam's chair on 'The Voice!') for their performance on Nov. 17. They opened the evening with 'One More Night,' which is a more familiar track for most viewers -- you can't turn on a radio without having it on multiple stations at once. The reggae-tinged tune was a catchy lead in to their newest single, 'Daylight.'

The group changed clothes for 'Daylight,' sporting grey outfits to match the melancholy mood of the song. Levine's voice wasn't quite as sharp as it sounds on radio, but for a song about the inevitable ending of an affair, it actually worked.

Levine actually changed clothes more than his bandmates, because the 'American Horror Story' actor also performed in a sketch. Levine played a gun-wielding version of himself in a hilarious skit starring host and 'Avengers' star Jeremy Renner in 'The Standoff.' We'd explain more, but we don't want to spoil the humor for you!

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