New York City's wife Lady Gaga will release 'Marry the Night' as the fifth single from 'Born This Way.' Are we already on the fifth single from Gaga's second proper album? Yeah, actually, we are. While current single 'You & I' is still rocking the Billboard charts, Gaga is already moving forward with plans for the next single. Onward and upward.

Fan site GagaDaily reports that 'Marry the Night' has been chosen as the next cut for radio. The synth-y song is dancefloor friendly, like much of 'The Fame.' It was produced by Fernando Garibay and is Gaga's love letter to her home town.

“I wrote so many songs on this new album about New York City, but one in particular ‘Marry the Night,’ that record is about my husband, New York,” the Mother Monster told MTV in advance of the album's release. That's why we referred to Gaga as New York City's wife. Even when she's off traipsing the planet, she is still undeniably wed to New York. Whenever she is on stage, dancing her face off and performing this song, she can instantly be reminded of home.