Taylor Swift has released more of the same -- the next person announced to be in the "Bad Blood" music video is Martha Hunt starring as HomeSlice, a term no one has used since 1998. If you have to Google "Martha Hunt" because her face is vaguely familiar but her name most definitely is not, you are clearly not up-to-date on your Victoria's Secret models. We'll go ahead and assume Taylor met her through Karlie Kloss.

And like, okay Taylor. We get it. Everyone who exists on a planet that orbits within our current solar system will be in the "Bad Blood" music video. Each person chose his or her own character name. All characters have their own posters. These are statements we know to be true, because Taylor has consistently proven it over the course of the past few days, multiple times per day. We're still excited, Taylor, but please give us more to work with here.

You know what would have been really cool? Some sort of all-encompassing group photo of the ten million people now involved in this music video, with each person individually tagged. Or, if that's not feasible because the entirety of the celeb realm is involved then maybe a few group photos would've done the trick. Maybe Taylor just wants each person to have an opportunity to shine since they probably won't have that chance if the video is shorter than the average length of a mini-series.

The video is set to debut during the upcoming 2015 Billboard Music Awards, so we guess we'll find out then.

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