The Internet was abuzz on Wednesday when a 30-second snippet of Mary J. Blige's duet with Beyonce called 'Love a Woman' was leaked online. On the song, the two R&B divas give a rundown on what they look for in a committed relationship. The ballad will appear on Blige's new album 'My Life II… the Journey Continues (Act II).'

According to Blige, the song was originally recorded for Beyonce but she wanted Blige to have it with her vocals already pre-recorded. "She sent the song through her people and her vocals was completely on the song," she tells KissFM in the U.K. I'm like, 'Is this song for me?' ... because the song was so crazy. I'm like, 'Why doesn't she want it?' Well, they said she wanted to stay on [the song]. I'm like, 'cool.' It doesn't get any better than that."

"I love Beyonce," Blige adds. "She inspires me and it's a blessing to have her on the song."

Along with Bey-Bey, fellow rap superstars Drake ('Mr. Wrong') and Busta Rhymes make cameo appearances on the Queen of Hip-Hop Soul's new album.

Mary J. Blige's tenth LP 'My Life II… the Journey Continues (Act II)' will be available for purchase on Nov. 21.

Watch the Mary J. Blige Interview with KissFM U.K.