Mary J. Blige sings of having no more drama, but the R&B songbird is embroiled in some controversy over her Burger King commercial. The spot debuted this week and instantly went viral, much to the chagrin of the black community who criticized the ad as stereotypical.

The commercial in question features the Queen of Hip-Hop Soul singing about the food chain's savory chicken wraps, which some critics have called it "buffoonery." As Black Enterprise states:

"The television spot, which featured Blige singing the ingredients to chicken wraps in a song reminiscent of a Top 40 hit (as a comical group of patrons Bankhead Bounce and Raise the Roof), had many reactions -- mostly negative -- from raised eyebrows to utter disgust, and reminded many of us that stereotypes of dancing, singing, and chicken-loving black people still remain prevalent in the hearts and minds of advertisers."

The ad was originally posted on Burger King's YouTube channel but was promptly removed, which some believed was because of the brouhaha, but not so says Burger King. "The Mary J. Blige advertisement was pulled off of the Burger King YouTube channel due to a music-licensing issue, which Burger King is in the process of resolving," said the rep (via AdAge). "We expect to have the ads back up and on air soon."

The commercial is part of an advertising campaign to show off Burger King's new health-conscious menu options with the help of such celebs as David Beckman, Sofia Vergara, Jay Leno and 'American Idol' judge Steven Tyler.

Blige has not said anything publicly about the ad, which is rumored to have netted her a lucrative $2 million check.

What do you think? Does Mary J. Blige's Burger King commercial played into stereotypes or are people overreacting? Tell us in the comments below.

Watch the Burger King Commercial Featuring Mary J. Blige