We all know that Mary J. Blige loves her crispy chicken, and when it comes to bathrooms -- she only wants the best and the cleanest. The Smoking Gun was able to snag a copy of the singer's tour rider, which outlines her toiletry needs before a concert and her hotel accommodations.

Among the things a venue must have for Blige before a show is a dressing room with a "private toilet" and a new "toilet seat." We can only surmise that Blige is a germaphobe with this high-maintenance request. There's no word on whether the Queen of Hip-Hop Soul likes her toilet paper single-ply or two-ply, but we digress.

Blige's hotel demands are even more strict. When she checks in as "Mrs. Jefferson," the Grammy Award-winning songbird requires a presidential suite with no connecting room. Also, if housekeeping sees a "Do Not Disturb" sign on the door, DO NOT ENTER. That rule is so important that it is driven home with 26 exclamation points.

Furthermore, Blige needs her beauty sleep. She doesn't want any vacuums or other noisy equipment in use near her suite, period. Also, if she hears any construction work or banging sounds outside of her room she will check out and find other accommodations at the expense of the hotel.

Overall, Blige's demands are not that outrageous as oppose to M.I.A.'s insane list of concert requests or Katy Perry's meticulous 45-page tour rider.

But we are curious to know why MJB checks into a hotel with the name "Mrs. Jefferson"? As for the toilet seat request, well, a queen does need a clean throne to sit on.